For the Fall Music Discussion, we’ll be listening to and talking about an album that has at least one “spooky” song, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Please come join us on Saturday, October 22 at 1:00 p.m. Register now!

“Thriller” is still the biggest selling album of all time and was a landmark in many ways. We’ll talk about each song on the album and what inspired Michael to write them. We’ll also talk about the huge cultural impact this album had on the music industry as a whole. Michael Jackson was a fascinating artist with a colorful life. It should be a fun and interesting afternoon of music and stories about one of the greatest artists and one of the greatest albums of all time.

The video clip below is from the May 16, 1983 NBC special, “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever”. It is considered one of the greatest live performances of all time and is ranked up there with Elvis’ and The Beatles’ performances on the Ed Sullivan show in terms of cultural impact. It’s one of the moments that anyone who was watching will always remember – the night Michael Jackson debuted the Moonwalk!