On this episode of the Deerfield Public Library Podcast, we are very happy to present a conversation with Sonali Dev, author of “books with a Bollywood beat.”

Sonali came to the library last month to talk to one of our book groups and we jumped at the chance to interview her. We talk about her most recent novel, A Distant Heart, which tells the story of Kimi, whose childhood illness leaves her stuck in a kind of Rapunzel-style, over-protected ivory tower. 

Sonali Dev tells us about writing about the Mumbai suburb in which she grew up and how she identifies with her main character’s optimism. Our conversation goes deep into how women are represented in romance, how illness and wellness are used as metaphors in Sonali’s stories, and issues of representation and diversity in the romance industry.

You can check out A Distant Heart and Sonali Dev’s other books here at the Deerfield Public Library. Or learn more about her work at sonalidev.com.

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