On this episode of the Deerfield Public Library Podcast, we talk with writer Graham Ambrose. Graham has written for The Washington Post and The Boston Globe. A graduate of Deerfield High School, Graham wrote a recent history thesis at Yale about his hometown’s history and the housing integration crisis that began in 1959. In our conversation, Graham details the history and reads from his thesis, “The Little Rock of the North”: Racial Integration and NIMBYism in Suburban Chicago, 1959.

As you may already know, the Library is preparing for a months-long series of programs, exhibits, and other opportunities to reflect on the 60 year anniversary of the integration crisis called the Fight to Integrate Deerfield. You can find out more about the history and our unique program series on our website deerfieldlibrary.org/FID or listen here to our episode:

Graham Ambrose and others will be speaking at our 60 Year Reflection Community Panel Discussion on March 12, 2019, 7pm. Registration opens February 13th. Of course, Graham’s perspective is just one voice–if you have a story, memory, physical artifact, or reflection to share with the library for our archives, email [email protected] to get started.

We hope you enjoy our 23rd episode! Each month we’ll be releasing an episode featuring a conversation with a dynamic guest with a Deerfield connection. Learn more about the podcast on our podcast page.

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