Check out our new Baby Bundles! Specially curated for our little friends from birth to 5 years of age, the bundles can be found in the Youth Services Department next to our Parent/Teacher Collection.

Each bundle has a theme, such as Cars & Trucks, Colors & Shapes, Numbers, and the popular Brown Bear Brown Bear by Eric Carle. Inside the backpack, you will find numerous early literacy activities that may include books, a puppet, puzzles, or a flannel board to tell stories. There is even a stuffed octopus in our Peek-A-Boo bundle! Each backpack is unique.

In addition, each bundle has an activity booklet shaped around early literacy practices, such as read, talk, sing, play and in some instances, write. These activities will guide you through hours of fun with your child. Ask us about them in the Youth Services Department, and we can help you check one out.