Are you looking for gift ideas for a loved one? Just need suggestions for yourself?  Book a Bookworm is here to help!

For the month of December, patrons can book an appointment with a “bookworm” librarian. During your appointment, you’ll get to sit down with a librarian, enjoy delicious treats, and receive personalized recommendations for items that can also be found in our Library: books, movies, music, board games, video games, and Library of Things items.

Sign up by filling out our form or calling the library at 847-580-8962.

The form will tell us everything we need to know before the appointment, like what type of material you’re looking for and any food restrictions. You’ll also tell us a little about the person you are getting suggestions for, like favorite genres, books, authors, films, or other media. Plus, you can bring up to 4 guests to your appointment.

Go to and sign up for an appointment.