After the success of our virtual escape room back in the spring, we’re back with another one. Our Star Wars Virtual Escape Room is now available!

You are aboard the Death Star with Luke, Leia, and Han Solo. The Death Star has just destroyed Alderaan and now you four need to find out what planet or moon the Death Star is going to blow up next and then escape without being discovered. 

Try the Star Wars Virtual Escape Room

This escape room was created for tweens and teens in 6th-12th grade, but anyone can try it out and test their solving abilities.

Escape rooms are a fun way to test your individual problem-solving skills, so you can work on this by yourself. They’re also a great way to work as a team with others as each person has different strengths and approaches a puzzle differently. So you can even get together with those in your household or work with some friends and family on the phone or online to help the resistance!

This escape room includes multiple-choice questions. If you get stuck, take a guess! If you’re wrong, the escape room will let you know and will occasionally give you a clue to help you figure out the right answer.

May the force be with you!