We’ve created another virtual activity for kids and their families to enjoy, this time based on the Choose Your Own Adventure stories. Our Choose Your Own Story: Travel the World with Paddington is now available.

You’re walking through Paddington Station in London when you run into Paddington Bear. He asks if you would like to travel the world with him. As you go through this journey, you will be able to make choices. Pick one to see where it takes you and how it changes the story. Every time you make a choice, something different will happen! 

Try Choose Your Own Story.

This virtual activity was created for kids 5-8 years old and their grown-ups, but anyone can try it out and have fun traveling the world. 

Choose Your Own Adventure stories are fun because they allow us to create a unique reading experience. They’re also a great way to create predictions and discuss what happened based on our choices.

This activity includes lots of different locations, 32 in total! If you get through the story but want to go to different locations, go backward, and make a different choice to see where it takes you.

Bon voyage!