Oftentimes just because something is considered a public record, doesn’t always mean it’s easy to access. In fact, it’s not always clear where you should look, or even what you need to be looking for. This is something we are well aware of at the Deerfield Public Library, and it’s why we are excited about Check Illinois.

Our new online resource, Check Illinois, provides DPL library cardholders a single access point for state public records on individuals, businesses, and real estate. For instance, once you log in using your Deerfield Library card, you can easily search an address for all real estate transactions for a property you might be interested in purchasing. Or maybe you’re trying to find out if a business you’re working with has the proper license to be operating in Illinois. Simply type in the address or name of the business to find out. Check Illinois also provides public state criminal records on individuals.

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If you need assistance with a search, please reach out to Adult Services at [email protected]