Happy June! I hope you all have been enjoying your summer vacation. This month, our kids Grab & Go craft is Pool Noodle Pals. I wanted to put something together sturdy enough to withstand vacations and outdoor play, and pool noodles can withstand a lot! If you have extra pool noodles lying around at home, you could make your pal some other noodle friends!

Each kit comes with:

  • pool noodle segment
  • two popsicle sticks
  • pom-pom
  • pipe cleaner

Items needed:

  • glue (any glue will work, just let fully dry before playing)
  • any additions you would like to add!

Each kit comes with a few basics to decorate your pal, but we would love to see how you make them your own! Here are some suggestions for ways to make them your own: decorate with permanent markers, add glitter, add feathers, make hair out of yarn, etc.

Grab & Go kits will be available beginning June 14th while supplies last. Check back throughout the week as we refill our new Creation Station. These craft kits have a sticker indicating that it is a kids’ craft.

Below, I have put together a list of titles about summer crafts and activities. Feel free to reach out to the Youth and Teen Librarians at [email protected] for more recommendations (or to send pictures of your noodle pals)!

Books about summer crafts and activities:

*available on Hoopla