This summer, MakerSpace is providing you with some summer-themed trinkets and project kits. Stop by and pick up a kit today!

Kits include:

A laser-cut acrylic planter

Grow something this summer with your own custom acrylic planter!

Materials included:

  • 2 laser cut long side slotted planter walls
  • 2 laser cut short side planter walls
  • 4 laser cut bottom supports
  • 4 3D printed planter legs
  • 1 sheet of window mesh for the bottom of the planter

Other materials needed:

  • A hot glue gun to put it together
  • Some soil
  • Some seeds and water!

Paintable laser engraved wooden keychain

Flex your painting skills by spicing up this cool laser engraved keychain.

Materials included:

  • 1 laser cut design
  • 1 acrylic paint kit
  • 1 keychain

Laser cut puzzle

Take some time to unwind and complete a puzzle outside. See just how many things can be done on the laser cutter?

Materials included:

  • 25 puzzle pieces

3D printed trinkets

See what kind of cool things you can print on a 3d printer, including prints with moving parts, ones that can spin, or even conceal a secret!

You can pull 2 of the following prints:

  • Caesar cipher ring
  • Endless spinning top
  • Moving wheels toy car
  • Slot together toy plane
  • Articulating cube

Flower pressing kit

Preserve some of your favorite summer flowers to enjoy year-round.

Materials include:

  • 1 laser-cut acrylic hexagon
  • 1 laser-cut wooden hexagon
  • 1 strip of yellow tape

Other materials needed:

  • A small flower
  • A book

Felt flowers

Another way to have flowers year-round is to create some yourself out of felt!

Materials include

  • 2 felt flower shapes

Other materials needed:

  • A hot glue gun