This month we’re giving you 5 rolls of washi tape to do whatever you want with! Kits are available while supplies last outside in the green creation station and inside the Library in the Youth Services Department. We’ve provided 3 pencils to decorate, or you can decorate your own school supplies. This activity is tailored for grades 7-12. Here are 7 suggestions:

  1. Transform pencils. 
  2. Cover your notebooks or binders
  3. Line notebook paper or decorate binder dividers
  4. Decorate a clean, empty can to hold your school supplies
  5. Make paper clip flags (great to use as bookmarks!)
  6. Cover binder clips
  7. Make clothespin magnets to put photos in your locker

Check out examples of these ideas!

Want even more ideas for what to do with your washi tape? Check out the book Washi Tape by Courtney Cerruti on Hoopla!