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Only in my adult life did I realize I must have dyslexia. I am an artist and have also learned there is a correlation between dyslexia and creative ability. It has never held me back from reading though, or from winding up working in a library!

To make up for that challenge, I tend to gravitate toward short stories, and of course picture books. I feel short stories are exceptionally written in that the author has to accomplish much with fewer words; set the scene, introduce characters you care about, and tell an entire, engaging story succinctly. Short stories are some of the best writing out there! And there are so many remarkable new picture books being published. I feel strongly that you are NEVER too old for picture books…talk about great, succinct storytelling!

I enjoy gathering and finding new titles on Goodreads, and adding to my “to read” list. I also enjoy writing reviews for books I feel are standouts and would love to share my favorites with you!

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