Get access to thousands of titles in music, movies, TV, and audiobooks!  Hoopla is quick, easy and free for library cardholders.  Download the app to your device or visit to get started. 

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Play borrowed audiobooks and music albums directly on your Amazon Echo, Dot, Spot, and Show devices.

Some of the great features of Hoopla:

No hold lists –  Everything on Hoopla is always available.

No fines –  Anything you check out through Hoopla expires on the due date- no returns required

Stream OR Download – Watch through your internet connection or download for later.

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We’ve increased the number of Hoopla checkouts per person to 20 titles per calendar month!
(Note: TV shows are counted by episode and music is counted per album checked out.)

Lending periods:

Movies and Television: 3 days
Music: 1 week
Audiobooks: 3 weeks

Titles are automatically returned when they are due.


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