We welcome your gifts!

Thank you for thinking of the Deerfield Public Library. We at the Deerfield Public Library welcome monetary gifts to purchase library materials and also accept donated used books and non-book materials in good condition. Our professional staff evaluates gifts using the same criteria they use for purchased materials.

Cash Donations

If you or your company wishes to donate money, the Library suggests unrestricted gifts, and we will use the donation at the discretion of the Director.

In the case of restricted gifts, an agreement of understanding will be filed between the donor and the Library for what purposes the gift can be used. After such an agreement is made, the donor is generally not contacted and will have no further input into the disposition of the gift.

A key element in receiving any gift is that the librarians are responsible for the selection and withdrawal of library materials in their areas of specialization subject to the Administrative Librarian’s approval. (See Deerfield Public Library Materials Selection Policy.) The Library reserves the right of final selection in order to meet the needs of space, building design and utilization plus the criteria of the Materials Selection Policy.

The Library cannot commit itself to a perpetual fund. When all currently held funds are expended, that fund will be dissolved. If donors wish a fund to continue in perpetuity, the donors should set up a fund of their own as a separate foundation.

Please make your check payable to the Deerfield Public Library and direct it to the Administrative Librarian. The Administrative Librarian will send a letter of thanks to both you the giver and the person or family for whom you donated the gift.

Gifts in Remembrance

If you wish to have us purchase a book in honor or in memory of a person or a special occasion, bring your check to the Library and ask a librarian to prepare a gift form. We will also handle this by telephone if you mail your check. You may request the subject area in which you want us to purchase and a professional librarian will select material suitable for our collection. The Administrative Librarian will send a letter of thanks to both you the giver and the person or family for whom you donated the gift. When we add the book to the collection, we will affix a special bookplate to the inside cover.

Donation of Materials

We will accept donated materials at the Circulation Desk. Once materials are accepted they become the property of the Deerfield Public Library and subject to applicable Library policies. We prefer to receive current materials in very good condition. We cannot use textbooks or encyclopedias. New bestsellers are especially useful. We reserve the right to 1) add the donated materials to the collection, 2) put them on the book sale shelf or sell at a Library-sponsored book sale, or 3) refer them to other book donation programs. Professional librarians add or withdraw materials based on the Materials Selection Policy. The Library does not shelve, house, or catalog donated materials separately; the materials accepted will be shelved in the appropriate general collections.

Valuation of Non-Monetary Donations

Upon request, the Library will be happy to provide written acknowledgement of your gift, but the staff does not appraise or provide valuations of gifts for tax deduction or other purposes. The establishment of the gift’s value is the responsibility of the donor.

We appreciate you thinking of us!