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In keeping with the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, the Deerfield Public Library makes its meeting rooms available as “designated and limited forums” for meetings and programs conducted by not-for-profit groups on subjects of educational, civic or cultural interest.

Meeting rooms are available free of charge on an equitable first-come, first-served basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.

Programs, classes or other activities presented by the Library take precedence over non-Library use of the meeting rooms.


Meeting rooms are available for non-profit community, civic, cultural, educational organizations whose members are primarily from Deerfield and nearby communities – including local governmental agencies, organizations and elected officials.

Although civic organizations, including political organizations, may be eligible to use a meeting room, political rallies are prohibited.

The person representing the non-profit community civic, cultural, educational or governmental organization in the application process must

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be a resident of Deerfield, or a Deerfield Public Library cardholder, or a representative of a non-profit community, civic, cultural, governmental or educational organization whose members are primarily from Deerfield and nearby communities.
  • sign an agreement to be responsible for the use of the room.

Meeting rooms are not available for

  • commercial use, including non-Library sponsored seminars, workshops and lectures presented by members of private, for-profit law firms, financial advisors, real-estate agencies, health care providers, or others, including dance and music teachers for non-Library sponsored recitals or for private tutoring sessions;
  • social gatherings, private events or fund-raising activities.

All meetings must be free and open to the public.

The Library Director makes the final decisions regarding eligibility.


We ask that you clean up after yourselves and leave the meeting room in the same condition as you found it. The Library reserves the right to charge the group if additional cleaning or repairs are needed.


Groups and individuals may schedule meetings no more than three months in advance.

Groups that have been meeting at the Library on a regular basis for five years or more will retain the privilege of booking meeting rooms beyond the present three month limit as long as they adhere to their established schedule.

Hours of Availability

Meetings may start no sooner than one half hour after the Library opens and must end no later than 15 minutes before the Library closes.   Example:  If the Library is closing that night at 9:00 p.m. the meeting must conclude and the attendees clear the room at 8:45 p.m.


There are three available meeting rooms designated A, B and C, each with a capacity of approximately 40 people, depending on how the room is set up.  We have the ability to expand two rooms to serve 80 or all three rooms to serve up to 120.  Each room has a sink, trash and recycling containers.

Please be sure to request all room set-up arrangements and equipment at time of application. Although we always try to be flexible, Library staff may not be available to rearrange the room or set up equipment at time of the meeting.

The Library offers three main room setups:

  • Theatre style (rows of chairs with a table or podium at the head of the room) for groups up to 40
  • Classroom style (two chairs at a table) for groups of 18 or fewer
  • Conference style (tables in a square for groups up to 20

Please refrain from taping anything to the meeting room walls and using craft supplies like glitter, glue or paint without prior approval.


  • Groups may serve simple snacks and cold food items, including individually packaged foods (e.g., box lunches). Avoid food served from pans and trays, salads and containers of salad dressing, pizza or other warm food.
  • Coffee or tea must be in ready-to-serve containers. No electric pots allowed.
  • All drinks must be in lidded cups or bottles.

Meeting Room Equipment

 Each room is equipped with the following:

  • LCD projector that can be connected to the presenter’s laptop via HDMI input only.  (PC or MAC – must have HDMI port)
  • Projection screen
  • Sound system for amplification, and a hearing loop
  • Podiums and display easels may also be available upon request

The Library does not supply computers, nor can Library staff be responsible for setting up and synching up Power Point or similar presentations.  Arrangements can be made in advance for a dry-run if necessary and, of course, please feel free to ask any questions and clarify concerns before your meeting.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the Library, including the meeting rooms and Board room.

The Library is unable to provide storage of supplies before or after the meeting or between sessions.


Any publicity or announcements including email blasts, e-invites and other electronic communication promoting a meeting being held in the Library must contain the following disclaimer:  The Deerfield Public Library provides meeting space as a community service.  Neither the Library nor the Board sponsors or endorses these events or the presenting individuals or organizations.  There must be no implication that the Library sponsors the organization or endorses its activities, or the view points expressed by participants.

 Signs must be displayed only inside the meeting room and handouts are to be distributed only inside the meeting room.

The name, mailing address, website, telephone, FAX number, URL or email address of the Deerfield Public Library cannot be used by the organization for correspondence or conducting business of any kind. Any packages received at this address will be returned as “Addressee unknown.”

Permission to use Library meeting rooms does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the Library of an organization, its activities, or the view points expressed by the meeting presenters or participants.


Users of the Meeting Rooms are expected to conform with all Deerfield Public Library Patron Policies concerning excessive noise and maintain orderly conduct before, during and after the meeting.

All meetings held in the Library must be free. No collection of money including memberships, admission fees, donations, sales, or fundraising may take place during the meeting or in the Library before or after the meeting.

Meetings must include at least one adult (18 or older) who will be responsible for the use of the room. Groups holding meetings for children, or with many children present such as Scout meetings, must provide adequate supervision.

In accordance with the Library’s Unattended Children Policy, adults attending meetings may not leave children under the age of eight unattended elsewhere in the building.


No reservations can be processed without an APPLICATION FORM on file.  Completed forms may be mailed or delivered in person to the attention of Judy Hoffman, Deerfield Public Library, 920 Waukegan Road, Deerfield, IL  60015.  Completed applications can also be FAXed to 847-945-3402 or emailed as a PDF file attachment to (Please be sure to keep a copy for your records.)

There is no charge for the use of the Library’s meeting rooms.

Applications are reviewed and notice of approval or denial is given within one week of receipt of the application. Please note that submitting an application DOES NOT guarantee approval or use of the room.  Library personnel will do everything possible to facilitate the application process, but no event will go on the calendar until a completed application form is approved and on file.

Notify the Library of cancellations at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting, or future meeting room privileges may be lost.

The Library reserves the right to cancel the use of the meeting room and cannot be responsible for cancellations due to weather, loss of power, or other conditions.


The Library reserves the right to approve meeting room eligibility, assess or waive fees, and cancel or reschedule meetings without cause, reason, or liability.  Programs, classes or other activities presented by the Library take precedence over non-Library use of the meeting rooms.

An organization’s failure to abide by the rules regulating the use of the Library’s meeting rooms or the Deerfield Public Library Patron Policy may result in cancellation or refusal of future reservations.

Content of non-Library sponsored meetings held at the Deerfield Public Library is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Speech not protected by the First Amendment, including but not limited to obscenity, incendiary and defamatory speech, is prohibited.


The organization agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Deerfield Public Library and its Board of Trustees plus the Village of Deerfield and its officials for any and all liability arising from use of premises.

The organization’s representative agrees to pay for all damages and losses associated with the meeting as regards the Library building, contents, and equipment.

The Library is not responsible for the equipment, materials or personal possessions of anyone attending the meeting.

Revised January 18, 2017