In support of its mission to encourage lifelong learning and personal growth in a welcoming environment, the Library permits tutoring on the premises in accordance with this policy. The intention is not for the Library to be used as a classroom or place of business for tutors to work from, but as a safe and quiet workspace for students to receive instruction. The Library does not sponsor, recommend, or assume liability or responsibility for the work and/or activities of tutors who use Library space.

Tutors, students, and parents are expected to observe the following guidelines:

  • All arrangements must be made between the tutor, student, and parents. Library staff will not deliver messages or help find a tutor.
  • Tutors are encouraged to use the study rooms on the main and lower levels. Study rooms must be reserved at one of the public service desks, and tutors, students, and parents must abide by the Study Room Policy.
  • The Youth Services Department is intended for the use of children ages birth through 8th grade and their parents or caregivers. If the student falls into that age range, it would be appropriate to use one of the study tables in the Youth Services department. Tables can neither be reserved, nor can the expectation be made that others will be asked to move to accommodate a tutoring session.
  • The main lobby area, magazine area, Teen area, and Preschool Pavilion on the main level, and the Computer Lab, adult computer area, and the Quiet Area on the lower level should not be used for tutoring sessions.
  • In some circumstances, it may be appropriate for tutors and their students to use the computer lab or other computer terminals.
  • Tutors are permitted to use the Library during any of its hours of operation, Recurring tardiness at closing time may result in restriction or loss of library privileges. Tutors and students must bring their own supplies.
  • If tutors offer food or treats as an incentive or reward, it must be consumed only in designated areas of the Library.
  • Tutors may not publish or distribute advertisements or letters indicating the Library as their place of doing business or otherwise imply Library sponsorship of their activities. Tutors may not advertise their business in the Library.
  • Library staff is happy to assist tutors and their students as they would any patron; however Library staff must be available to all people who come into the library for help.
  • Tutors are responsible for the behavior of their student during the session. It is preferred that the caregiver of children under 9-years-old remain in the Library while their child is being tutored.
  • Tutors and students must follow the Library Patron Policy, including ensuring that conversations and instruction are not loud enough to distract other library users, and limiting cell phone use to the designated areas. Additionally, tutor and student belongings and use of space should not interfere with easy access through the Library or other Library users. Students and tutors must be in possession of their belongings at all times.

Approved by the Library Board on June 19, 2013

Revised and approved March 18, 2015