The Deerfield Public Library provides free Wi-Fi access to the Internet. By connecting to and accessing the internet through the library’s wireless network patrons expressly agree to the terms and provisions contained in this policy.

Appropriate Use

Users of the library’s wireless network are responsible for conducting themselves in a legal and responsible manner.

Examples of Illegal use include, but are not limited to:

  • Violating an existing State or Federal law
  • Attempting unauthorized access to any computer systems inside or outside the network
  • Unlawful communications, such as child pornography and threats of violence
  • Intentional distribution of malicious computer software including viruses and malware

Wireless network users shall not interfering with the use by others or attempt to interrupt Wi-Fi services. In addition users should not attempt to obtain or disclose private/personal information of another user.

Privacy and Security

The Deerfield Public Library does not collect or maintain records that could compromise the privacy of Wi-Fi users. Electronic communication by its nature though may not be secure and users should not assume any level of privacy while using this service. Each user should exercise caution when accessing the internet and transmitting and/or receiving data.

The library strives to provide safe internet access for the public by implementing new technologies and best practices such as “client isolation” which prevents connected devices from communicating with each other. We cannot however guarantee any level of security for our users. The library assumes no responsibility for any damages that might occur to patron hardware, software, or personal data while connected to the wireless network.

The Internet provides many valuable resources and in the spirit of our mission statement we do not use any sort of content filtering software on our Wi-Fi connection. Users should be aware that not all information available on the Internet is accurate and some material may be considered offensive or disturbing.

Service to Minors

The Deerfield Public Library does not filter or block internet content on our wireless network. It is the responsibility of parents or caregivers to monitor internet behavior of users who are minors.

Policy Enforcement

Any user who is found to be in violation of the Wireless Internet Agreement is considered in violation of the Patron Behavior Policy. Internet access and use of other library resources may be suspended for a specific time period.

Users who perform illegal activities while connected to the wireless network may also be subject to prosecution from the appropriate authorities.

Approved March 18, 2015