I like to joke that books ruined my life. Once I discovered reading, I knew I couldn’t devote myself to anything else! I remember coming to the Deerfield Library as a kid, spending hours browsing the stacks for books that would reflect my experience or stretch my mind to a new capacity.

My taste is for those meaty books you can sink your teeth into. I love being astonished by a high-wire act of the imagination or the depths of the human heart. And I love great writing! I’m stunned by a carefully constructed sentence. I go gaga for a good metaphor.

My favorite genres are literary fiction, classics, short stories, poetry, and LGBT literature.

I believe that at any age you can find a book or author that will change your life.

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Books to Sink Your Teeth Into – Contemporary (1950 — Present)

Books To Sink Your Teeth Into – Classics (Pre-1950)

Stunning Short Stories