I wanted to be an actor when I grew up, so I spent a lot of time acting out books with extra dramatic flair. I still like to dress-up, which is luckily encouraged as a Children’s Librarian! I love finding new books to read aloud for storytimes, but also to get completely absorbed in a long epic fantasy novel. (Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a pet dragon?) Audiobooks are some of my favorites because I never get tired of people reading aloud to me, or even better, finding full-cast audio recordings. I will read anywhere including the beach, a tree, a boat, a rooftop, a cafe, and once even on top of a windmill! As Stephen King said, “Books are uniquely portable magic.” 

Fun fact: I credit Shel Silverstein for making me a Children’s Librarian today. His poetry is the best!

Favorite genres: fantasy, picture books, graphic novels, kids fiction, and kids nonfiction.

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